Sunday, October 23, 2011

relaxing weekend

assalamualaikum, hello people!
i've been trying to update this blog for a few times already. seems like i'm having problems with the 'save now' and the drafts. i drafted a few entries but it seems like the drafts were not updated even though i saved them a few times. as results, i need to re-type whatever i have typed before. it is tiring though! but most importantly, frustating!
let's just forget about me having troubles with the drafts. i was having a very relaxed weekend. started with a breakfast before heading to an hour and a half gym session. then i took my car to replace the worn out clutch but it will only be ready on tuesday. i will carless till tuesday. ala, mcm tak biasa pulak kan? haha.
in the evening, kemut (a name we gave to my housemate) and i went to the driving range. it has been a while now since i last set foot on a driving range. kalau tak silap, last sekali bulan 6 dulu. and then, how was the session? berteraboq!! i was like going to the driving range for the first time. susahnya nak hit bola dgn betui..huhu. lesson learnt, dont skip your driving range sessions. hahaha!
early today, myself and kemut went for a swim in the pool downstairs. ehem ehem..actually, it was a swimming class for me as kemut was willing to teach me how to swim the correct way. well, its hard to start learning swimming at this age as i am used to swim the way i think is right. but i have to do it kan? or else, sampai bila2 pn berenang tak betul.
watched the rugby world cup later this evening. congrats to all blacks who won the cup despite a better display by france. i watched the game as the motogp in sepang was cancelled off due to a very bad accident involving marco simoncelli. condolences to his family and friends.
well, the weekend's over. now i have to prepare myself for work tomorrow. monday blues, why do always haunt me?
k guys, till next time ya? peace!