Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year 2012!


Year 2011 went by very quickly. I still remember throughout last year, i keep mentioning to my friends and colleagues about how fast last year have been. they all agreed every time i mentioned it. it felt like watching a VCR while pressing the fast-forward button. ya, i lived through dat period of time..haha!
lot of events occurred during the whole of last year. for example, a major earthquake which had hit the town of fukushima very badly. i was watching review of that disaster on new year's eve and i have to say, the japanese need to do a lot to rebuild the town. i'm just praying they can do their the japanese, ganbatte kudasai!
last year also saw our circle of friends being tighten even further because of an event which has hit our closest friend very badly. dont wanna go into the details but what i could say is that as friends, we have together bring him back to his normal state. apart from that, lots of my friends married throughout the course of last year. congratulations to my dear friends. kenduri yg aku x smpt p tu, aku minta maaf ya?
so here we are now, on the 2nd day of new year. i pray that this new year would bring happiness and success to not only me, but to all human beings.
till next time!