Saturday, August 13, 2011

New season started


While this is supposed to be a blog about myself (as the title "Kisah Hidupku"), today i decide to write about football, Arsenal to be more specific. but hey, football is part of my life. so tak kisah la kan? hehe!
today is the day that all british premier league (bpl) fans have been waiting for. the first kick-off whistle has been blowned to mark the start of new season. while all other teams look set and ready for this new season, one team who still look unssettled is my favourite team..arsenal.
as per previous summer, the main stories regarding arsenal's transfer rumours are the ones discussing the future of cesc fabregas. for a few seasons now, media both in england and spain are creating stories on the prospect of fabregas returning to nou camp. this time around though, the rumours appear to be more realistic than just rumours. not only that, at the start of the transfer window, we (arsenal) had rejected bid from man utd for samir nasri. and just when i thought that's the end of it for nasri, they were rumours that man city wanted to buy him. it wasn't a joke as the rumours still ongoing as i write this.
as a fan, i really hope the situation would be resolved rather sooner than later. while it is ideal for arsenal to retain their best players (cesc and nasri), i personally think it is better to sell them off. why? yes, they have contributed much to the team. they were the main drivers of the team. but here are my two reasons to sell them off:
1. having them stay would disrupt the harmony within the team players as media would continue to create rumours about their futures.
2. having players who already set their hearts for another team wouldn't help them to perform brilliantly for arsenal.

i really hope arsene wenger would quickly resolve this issue. bring in new commanding central defender to strenghten our back four. bring in new playmaker who suits arsenal's style of play. most importantly, bring in a cup which we have been missing for past six years. lets hope the opener against newcastle is a bright one for a start. go you gunners!

till next time, peace!